Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Waxing --WARNING -- May gross some people out

     So if you're brave enough to read this post, good for you! I've been waxing since10th grade when I grew my leg hair out for swim team then had my best friend's cousin who was in beauty school practice waxing on my legs. It was awesome. I've never been one to care overly much about my appearance which means that I would quite often go weeks without shaving anyways so waxing gave me a good reason to do so. After that initial experience I decided that I was capable of doing it myself. My wonderful mother supported me and bought me some knock-off Nads. That venture also being successful I decided to splurge and get the whole kit and caboodle. A warming pot was purchased as well as honey wax, muslin strips and all the sundry lotions recommended. Legs were waxed, underarms (polite word for arm pits), eyebrows even a few pesky toe hairs. Not all of this was done solely for me, my brother in law to prove that he was just as tough as I am requested a single strip be waxed off one of his legs. I complied but it just so happened to be the night before Geneva's wedding. There is a picture in my padre's wedding album :) Also rather inexplicably there was a boyfriend of mine that wanted his legs waxed. Yeah, that didn't work out.
      This history is all built up to me getting my first Brazilian. If you don't know a Brazilian is removing all the hair from your nether regions. All the hair. Well I guess some people leave patterns but I think that is just weird. A friend of my sister's recommended a place called European Wax Center. Greatest. Place. Ever. What? Why yes Brazilian waxes are under 30 bucks. And yes most other places charge 50-100 smackaroos. Check it out. Seriously. Right now. Go here and find a location near you. I could probably do an entire post on how much I love that place. Unfortunately the are not any in Seattle. Sigh. So on to the purpose of this post. I just cannot fork over 70(!) dollars to get my hooha waxed each month so I went to Amazon. Let me just say I loooooooove Amazon. Anyways I bought some hard wax and applicators then went to work. Don't worry the pictures are of my underarms I'm not that secure. So hard wax is different than strip wax because you don't use any strips you just wait for the wax to harden and pull it off. It's nice because it doesn't stick to your skin as much making it MUCH less painful.
Personally I love to see how much hair I get off but I won't show you that. This next picture is after just one application (of hard wax)
I probably should have done a before shot but I forgot. Just trust me it was bad. Overall I'm very pleased with the wax. It did just what I wanted. The stray pieces of wax came off easily and was very effective. If you're going to try just make sure that if you are using hard wax that you lay it on pretty thick other wise it just flakes off without pulling out the hair. I used this hard wax from Gigi but if you don't have a warmer get a microwavable version. Well what are you waiting for? Go try it! :)

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ACW said...

You guys are so brave. A bikini is all I'm going to go. But I am definitely slowly but surely converting.