Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Artisan Bread in 5 min a day

So here is a more in depth post on bread. It's so easy.

Step 1: Mix all the ingredients together in big plastic bin with lid.
Step 2: Let it rise for about 2 hours
Step 3: Put it in the fridge
Step 4: Take some dough out and form a loaf
Step 5: Put it on a pizza peel ( I don't have one yet so I used a plate) that has been liberally dusted with cornmeal.
Step 6: Let rise 20-30 min on pizza peel

Step 7: Bake!

It's a little blurry because I pressed the button with my nose
Step 8: Eat with butter or dip into Balsamic vinegar

If you want to buy the book check it out at Amazon. Also their blog had video on how to bake baguettes on a gas grill so all you Arizonans can still try it without using the oven.

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