Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Bettijo introduced me to this bread making philosophy sometime ago but I never really caught on. But now that I am in a colder place where it's nice to turn on the oven I thought I'd give it a try. Aaron is the one who really liked the idea so again we went to Amazon and bought all the necessary items (if you just look for the book on Amazon it will suggest the other items).
Well here is the first batch.

As you can see Aaron decided to make his a bread bowl. I sliced some cheese on mine and broiled it. Sooooo gooooooood.


jeanene c said...

It looks gorgeous!. I love fresh bread and the smell is heavenly. There are so many cool new types of bread around now. I kind of want to try making those artisan breads with olives and weird things in them. I love cinnamon bread.

jeanene c said...

Next time I come you will have to make me some.

Geevz said...

genius! I can't wait to try some. And to try it out in the winter.

Merkley Jiating said...

Those look amazing.

Who is jeanene c? Anyone? I noticed she commented on Geneva, yours, and my blog. But I don't think I know why that is and I couldn't link back to her blog.

We used to always want to live in Seattle. Sam didn't even get a first interview with Microsoft. Or wait, maybe he didn't get a second round. So many interviews! I can't remember anymore. But our friend works there and it sounds like a pretty sweet set up.

Merkley Jiating said...

Oh, whoops! Hello, Mama!