Friday, September 30, 2011

Space Needle and other Sister adventures

So when my sister came to visit we went to the Space Needle and here are some of the pics from my phone

Baby J wasn't thrilled with the view

But she did like the lake party that Aaron's boss graciously invited us to.

Warning: super cute baby shots ahead

She really like the lake and wasn't afraid at all. Proof? This video. Sorry for the side-ways-ness I didn't think of that when I was taking it.

Yeah you'll want to mute it, I gave a commentary and it's super loud.

Isn't my niece so cute?!? I really enjoyed having her here.

Preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse ... my way

So in case you haven't seen my facebook page or seen me in person since last month you may not know that I am now a flying trapeze artist. For reals. I mean I'm not professional yet but who knows in  a couple months I might be circus worthy. Which means that if society as we know it fails because of a Zombie Apocalypse or what have you, I could survive by joining a traveling circus. Everyone knows that people will still be amazed by flying trapeze after the world ends so I consider it an important skill. Check out this sweet video:

After I had so much fun doing it I convinced Aaron to do it too. I didn't want to have to leave him behind when I joined the circus and I have to say I think he is an natural. This is him doing a catch (I accidentally hit the the button in the middle so I'm just posting the last half which is cooler anyway)

Aren't we so cool? And we can survive the fall of civilization as circus performers : )

Sister Visit!

So I was going to post about all the fun adventures that my sister and I had while she was here but it's easier to just link to her blog since she's posted a bunch about it already. So if you're interested in witty writing, good pictures and a dang cute baby check out

I will post the pictures that I took on my phone that she doesn't have access too. And the videos :)