Friday, September 30, 2011

Preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse ... my way

So in case you haven't seen my facebook page or seen me in person since last month you may not know that I am now a flying trapeze artist. For reals. I mean I'm not professional yet but who knows in  a couple months I might be circus worthy. Which means that if society as we know it fails because of a Zombie Apocalypse or what have you, I could survive by joining a traveling circus. Everyone knows that people will still be amazed by flying trapeze after the world ends so I consider it an important skill. Check out this sweet video:

After I had so much fun doing it I convinced Aaron to do it too. I didn't want to have to leave him behind when I joined the circus and I have to say I think he is an natural. This is him doing a catch (I accidentally hit the the button in the middle so I'm just posting the last half which is cooler anyway)

Aren't we so cool? And we can survive the fall of civilization as circus performers : )


Geevz said...

Great job Aaron!

jeanene c said...

I remember you on the monkey bars when you were in elementary school. I should have seen this coming.

hc said...

I can't believe it! My kids are begging to watch these over and over. It's awesome. I wish you could here F2. I quote, "Mommy, again, again, again, dat one!"