Wednesday, August 10, 2011


So my dear sister in law Jenny came to visit us for a night while she and her friends were vacationing here in Seattle. We had all these grand plans to go see Harry Potter 7 part two at the IMAX but they were sold out and I didn't want to wait till the next one. So we wandered around for a bit and saw this:
Aaron and Jenny
It's some kind of cool sculpture thing. Oh and this picture was taken around 8pm. Look how light it is! Crazy. We also played with these things
Doesn't Aaron have a cute tush?

You whisper into this little metal circle and the person 10 yards (ish) away can hear you. Cool huh? We also went to the Redmond farmer's market but there are no pictures. Aaron did buy me some beautiful flowers, he is such a wonderful husband. That was pretty much all the cool stuff we did while Jenny was here. Oh and we played Kinect :)

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jeanene c said...

For cool sculpture check out the Olympia sculpture park. (I think that's the name. You know how I am with names). It is not far from the Space Needle in Seattle. Very cool.