Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The past month ... ish

This post is pretty much a bunch of photos of stuff we did over the last month.

We bought a house! Aaron has bunch more pictures so I might write a post with his pictures soon but here are some from me cleaning the last few weeks.

Those are bees/wasps on the INSIDE of the window sill. I try really hard not to imagine how they got there.

Aaron scraping all the popcorn off the ceilings. So cool with his mask thing

There is something extra gross about cleaning someone else's built up skin grime, just saying.

I tried to peel that white contact paper off but gave up and just covered with new stuff.

Also we did the cooking class that my sisters bought for my birthday.

Aaron is pretty much a master chef. The class was actually a little bit of a let down since we pretty much chopped or stirred together what the chef teacher told us to. We liked it enough to try another one just at a different place. Maybe French next time? Mmm butter.

We also got most of the baby stuff. Here is her little room:

 And the only picture I have from my baby shower. I'll try to get more.
How cute are these?!?


Geevz said...

origami dresses! I die.

jeanene c said...

Too Darling for the shower cookies!!! Also, I can relate to cleaning up someone else's grime out of a house. We call the previous resident grandma...I think she was over 100 when she died. She apparently spilled lots of lentils everywhere. The bathroom still has an old lady powder smell. I will have to clean it again. We'll assume the insects made it through an open window!!!