Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Yay for Europe!

So it’s been a few months since we got home but as always I have been distracted from blogging by life. Europe was so fun. It so cool to be there in the winter with all the snow; I say all the snow but there was at max a few inches. And even though there wasn’t much snow it was still my first cold weather experience. I know that is hard for most of you to believe but that is the longest I have ever spent in a cold place. It was a great adventure to me even though Aaron constantly teased me about my excitement. I would exclaim silly things all the time, such as “It’s like the Chronicles of Narnia!” or “Aaron, it’s snowing!!!!” We got to see so many awesome sites. It’s fun to watch TV and say “We’ve been there” (followed by knuckles). I don’t have the space or attention span to upload all the pictures to the blog but you can go to check them out. The really pretty or artistic ones Aaron took … I’m almost jealous. Oh ok I am jealous but at least someone in our family is. Maybe another time I will write my favorite memories but now my mind is occupied by other,less happy remeberings. I will try to explain those another time as well.