Sunday, December 18, 2011

Flurry of Posts #4 - Random stuff

This is a picture of me and Aaron at his company party in the Space Needle
It's kind of dark but the best I could do. I'm wearing Aaron's suit jacket because I checked mine thinking I wouldn't be outside very much. It was fun to get all dressed up and see Seattle at night from the top of the Space Needle

This is a cool paper mobile that reminded me of my sister Geneva. I bet she could make it if she really wanted to :)

The box is still as much fun as the present.

Flurry of Blog Posts #3 - Glass Blowers Extraordinaire

We took a glass blowing class here in Redmond, thank you living social. It was a lot of fun.
Aren't we so cool?

Flurry of Blog Posts #2 - It's Christmas, It's Christmas!

As kids my oldest brother would come jump on us each Christmas morning yelling "It's Christmas! It's Christmas!" So check out our Christmas decorations.

We always had garland and lights growing up

My mom made these super cute mice for us. I played with similar ones my entire childhood. 

Mama Boushley gave us the Noel decoration when we first got married, it's a tradition in their family for the husband to change it to Leon some times.

No Christmas Tree this year since we're spending two week in AZ. Sigh. Next year.

Flurry of Blog Posts #1 - Don't mess with us

So over Thanksgiving Aaron and I went to Albuquerque, New Mexico for a friend's wedding. We stayed with Aaron's buddy Brian and went shooting one of the days we were there. Here is the video evidence of our killer shooting skills.

Also Brian has this cool remote control car thing that can drive over all sorts of stuff.

And here are some shots of us shooting a .45 hand gun. This thing was awesome, almost no kick to it at all. Even I shot the stuff I was aiming at.

There isn't a picture or video of it but I SHOT A CLAY PIGEON AS IT WAS FLYING THROUGH THE AIR!!!!!! Considering that I have been shooting all of 4 times before this is a big achievement for me.