Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mustaches and Monocles

While video chatting with the fam in AZ I took these sweet pictures.

Miles kept photo bombing

Monday, June 10, 2013


Last Fall Aaron and I decided we wanted to try camping so we bought the stuff for it. Unfortunately the weather turned right after this decision and we didn't get a chance until two weeks ago.

We drove an hour and a half to Beckler River Campground, pulled right up to a little site and set up camp 30 ft from our car and 20yds from the river. It was beautiful! Green everywhere, rushing river right there and sunshine. We set up camp, forgot bug spray and drove to the gas station, a 15 min drive, and bought some.  Perfect for newbie campers, which despite camping often in our youth we both are. (Aaron is apparently VERY allergic to bugs. His bites were quarter-sized in less than a minute)

We read our books in the sun by the river, ate mostly cooked tin foil dinners and played with fire. Bragging moment: we got our fire started with one match on our first try and kept it burning for like 4-5 hours. We rock! When it got pretty dark we also played with Aaron's fancy camera. Here are the pictures. Enjoy!


Note the tin foil dinners inexpertly put in the fire. Good thing we used precooked ham.

Late night camera fun 

Not super interesting arrangement of photos but at least it's posted.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Arizona Picture and Video Extravaganza


Miles just doesn't want to wake up.

This one is on Jaela singing me 'all the pretty little horses' lullaby that my mom sang to us as kids. She get's distracted but it's still adorable.

And there is this gem of Benji laughing. I can't get enough of that dimple!

And some more pictures!

She plays racquetball in TWO pairs of heels.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Arizona Love

Love his accidental smile

I just caught up reading my mom's blog and figured I should catch up writing in mine.

On April 30th I went to AZ to stay with my sister Geneva for a month and help with a her new baby. Sweet baby Miles came on May 2nd. Many of you probably know I've got some health issues that make getting pregnant a challenge. As any one who has struggled with infertility knows it kinda messes with you head. Thoughts like this start to freak you out: "Maybe I can't have a baby because Heavenly Father knows I'll be a terrible mom." or perhaps "I need so much sleep I wouldn't be able to cope with having a kid and that's why I can't get pregnant." You know all of those things that Satan puts into your head when you're unsure about life.

Well thanks to my lovely sister I got to play mommy for a few weeks. And it was AWESOME. I mean I already knew I loved kids but it was so fun. Granted, I didn't have to wake up with baby Miles every hour or two but I got to play with J all day and cuddle a squishy new born. It was fun to play in the sprinklers outside and dance to Aristocats. And a beautiful little two year saying "I love you Eena?" What more do I need in life? An amazing shopping trip with Alicia? Check. Time with Ellie and Benji? Check. I briefly got to see my brothers and their families which was lots of fun. Another high point was being able to get together with my childhood best friends for Vanessa's birthday. It's amazing how easy it is to connect with old friends.

By week two I was starting to miss my husband and he was missing me. If I could have convinced him to come visit I probably would have lasted the whole month but Aaron hates AZ in May so I came back home early.

I Love Baby Miles

And not-so-baby Benji

Jae showing off her presents from Baby Miles
I have more pictures and a few videos I'll post later. It was seriously a blast.