Thursday, September 20, 2012

Best Things about the New Place

Here are some of my favorite things about our new apartment

1. I can walk to pretty much everything I need: 2 grocery stores, a pharmacy, the post office, various mom and pop restaurants and a Top Pot Doughnuts. What more do I need in life? Also having a grocery store across the street means better dinners. Why? Because say I was making Mu Shu pork lettuce wraps and I forgot to buy mushrooms, instead of just leaving them out I walk downstairs and buy them. Hmm I'm feeling like taquitos for dinner but don't have fresh cilantro? Walk the 2 minutes and buy some. Seriously it's my new favorite.

2. Big, NICE kitchen. This is pretty much amazing. Cooking is sooooooo much easier when there is more than 2 square feet of counter top. The granite counter tops, new appliances and new cabinets are just lovely

3.  Roof Garden. Do I need to even say anything else?

4. Free BBQ grills. There are two grills on the roof for anyone to use which is nice. We invited some friends over and we grilled and ate outside on the roof. It was beautiful.

I'll post up some pictures soon.