Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I’m Sooooooo Excited!!!!!!

Ok there are so many reasons to be happy and excited, let me tell you a few. I am DONE with finals! Yay! Some of them were unexpectedly difficult so it’s nice to have them out of the way. Aaron also finished finals yesterday and played hookie from work and played with me all day! We went to the temple and Golden Spoon (My most favorite low sugar dessert) then borrowed a tree stand from my absent parents (thanks mom and dad, even though you didn’t know :) . I did my visiting teaching and came home and watched Alias all evening with my super fun hubby (I could probably do a whole post on this alone, I love this show, thanks Sara Castillo for letting us borrow it). I had made enough lasagna on Sunday to feed a large family so we still had leftovers so I didn’t have to make dinner. It was a great day. Back to why I’m so excited. It’s almost CHRISTMAS!!!! I know what you’re thinking “Elena you are an adult Christmas isn’t really fun again until you have kids.” Well you’re wrong on two accounts: one, I am not an adult; I may be tall but don’t let that fool you. Two, Christmas is still fun as a grown up if you make it fun. I love to give presents, especially when I come up with a good one that I don’t think the person will guess. I am so excited to give Aaron his present it is going to rock! So if those two reasons are not enough to be excited about I have another. Are you ready? ……. I am going to EUROPE! In approximately 3 weeks from today. AHHHHH! Now that school is done I can give this trip the proper attention it deserves! Isn’t it so exciting?!?!? I know you’re jealous, it’s ok those are natural feelings. If you comment I’ll bring you back something, just to make you feel better. I will try my hardest to do a really really long post about our trip but I make no promises because school starts shortly after we get home.

Merry Christmas Everyone!