Sunday, July 24, 2011

Other adventures with Padres Castillo

My mother loves books. I mean really loves books, as in stay up till 2am to finish one. This habit may stem from years as an ER nurse but I think it's probably got more to do with wanting to finish the story. Mamacita isn't the only one that taught our family an appreciation for literature, my dad also really enjoys books but usually a very different genre but loves books all the same. Downtown Seattle fortunately has used books stores tucked into all sorts of little nooks and crannies. This picture was taken at one of them. 
Spiral staircases are so cool!

On Saturday Aaron, my parents and I all went on  a little day trip up to Canada since it is only 2 ish hours from where we live. We went to the Vancouver Temple which was a small adventure in itself. The GPS didn't recognize the address of the temple so I had been using my phone to navigate. Well that was fine until we crossed the boarder into Canada which meant that our phones were roaming so we had to turn them off (just airplane mode for smart phones). Fortunately my phone had most of the map loaded so we were able to find it just fine. As we were pulling into the temple parking lot we saw ... a goat! It stared us down for a while but when I tried to get a picture it ran off.  A goat! Crazy. Anyway the Temple was beautiful, and my first temple outside of the Mesa. After that Aaron and I asked my dad what he wanted to do. He didn't have any concrete plans beyond the temple and a wanting to see downtown Vancouver. So we drove around for bit. We couldn't use our phones to find things to do so we ended up following road signs that said tourist attraction. We ended up at a lovely place called Lynn Canyon.
There was a 48 meter suspension bridge that we crossed. It was kinda scary to me but still cool. Papa C said that there was a really, REALLY long one somewhere close by but 48 meters was enough for me. 
I'm not a great photographer so most of the pictures are of me.
The scenery was amazing. We hiked around a bit even though I was not wearing good shoes but the trails were well kept so it didn't matter very much. 

We stopped at a grocery store to get water and some snacks and asked the cashier what were some cool things to see/do in Vancouver. She recommended Stanley Park. So we went to Stanley Park. Big Mistake. That particular weekend happened to be the anniversary of the establishment of Vancouver. That means a LOT of people trying to get into Stanley Park. We waited in the traffic for about hour, maybe longer, before we gave up and went home. Overall it was a really nice day.

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