Sunday, July 17, 2011

Adventure 1 with the Castillo Parents

So my parents came up to visit  for 6 days which was super nice. It gave me a chance to do some of the tourist stuff with someone since Aaron started working. First we went on something called the Underground Tour. It was a really interesting history of Seattle with actual excursions in to the underground tunnels in downtown Seattle. Here are some pictures:

Restored Saloon

Mom and Dad in the tunnels

They used them a prisons ... Just kidding

The spiderwebs almost looked fake, almost

An original bathroom with authentic Crapper
So I could tell you all about the tour but really you should just come and go yourself. For reals though the first toilets were called after the man who perfected them, Thomas Crapper. Crapper. Heehee :)


Geevz said...


jeanene c said...

We had so much fun. So glad that we got to come. I have to send you the photos from the park in Canada. Love Mom

Brianna and Tyson Smith said...

Are those photos taken with Aarons new awesome camera? Love how they look! And I love that you are getting to see Seattle! Remember to write down all the good places for when we come visit!