Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Nerf Wars

(This is Elena) So just in case you didn't know, I collect Nerf guns. This collection started on an Easter many years when my brother Todd was still living at home. My mother ... I mean the Easter Bunny had given Todd two foam dart guns, and being the big brother that he is, he immediately started shooting it at me. Well my brother and I have a history of wrestling and such so I grabbed the other gun and shot back. This started an extended war. Whenever I knew Todd was home I would get one of the little foam guns and sneak up, shoot him then run away. Always use Guerrilla tactics on a bigger, stronger enemy. Todd of course did the same to me minus the running away. It was a fun way to spend time with my brother (who sometimes is not so good at verbally communicating affection) and his way of telling me that he cared. We would hide in doorways, jump into different rooms, shoot blindly around corners and kamikaze run at each other in our skirmishes. I think that was the best Easter present either of us had ever received. My sweet brother bought me my first Maverick for Christmas shortly after. It was awesome. Little did either of us suspect that it would lead to an Nerf Arsenal of over 8 different types of foam weapons. I have all of these : D
Night Finder (2)
Maverick (2)
Raider Rapid Fire
And two off brand guns courtesy of Boushley Family Christmas 2010 (watch out for Grandma Boushley she's a mean shot)

Well Aaron and I had to break in the new apartment with a Nerf War and were pleased to discover that this apartment is perfect for foam dart battle. We have three rooms in the back not to mention the couch in the living room and the kitchen which all provide great cover and still give room to run around.  Aaron got off a sweet shot here :

This is a great alternative to watching TV or playing first person shooter games : )

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Geevz said...

Whoa! I wonder why this didn't update on my blogroll. I love a good nerf war!