Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lena Can Cook!

The title of this post is a throw back to the days when I would watch cooking shows with my mom on saturdays while we cleaned the house. There was a show called “Yan Can Cook!” He was a funny little asain man. Anyways, since I’ve been finding housewifery unfulfilling I’ve been trying new hobbies such as decorating. Well decorating costs money so I was looking for a cheaper alternative (and something that I’m better at) and Aaron suggested cooking. I do like to cook, really I just like to bake desserts but it’s time to broaden my skill set. During my “Only Girls Colorado Trip” we played Iron Chef and one team made lettuce wraps, really, REALLY delicious lettuce wraps. Thus with my new inspiration to try cooking I decided to go Asian. I looked up recipes so I could make sure to have all the ingredients and plan accordingly. Well of course I find out that cooking is expensive too! At least till you have a strong base of ingredients. Now I have all the asian ingredients I could ever need. Last night’s adventure was curry and veggies with rice. Pretty tasty even though my apartment still smells a little like curry (it cured the weird apartment smell though, overpowered is probably the better verb, so I’m not too upset). This morning’s adventure was homemade biscuits! Here are some pictures:

They were actually very delicious, I am excited that they turned out! It’s good to know that Lena Can Cook!

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