Monday, August 2, 2010

Graduation and new jobs (at least hopefully)

I found this draft from a few months ago so I figured that I would post it.

So I graduate one week from tomorrow and I am VERY excited! Aaron and I are also moving to a much nicer apartment here in Tempe. I can’t really decided which makes me more happy. Walk in closet or no more school? Hmm tough decision. I’ll tell you next week. There is actually even more exciting news. Aaron started his new job consulting for Kodak Gallery. He gets to work from home, which was a great excuse for him to buy another computer

. Not just any computer, a 21 inch Mac computer. It cost a pretty penny but fortunately for us we have been very blessed financially. I, on the other hand, am still looking for a job. I got my license for a

Speech Language Pathology Assistant but since it’s a relatively new certification not many companies even have that position. So I’m a little stuck but I’ll figure something out. Bettijo Hirschi created a very beautiful card to send out kind of like a christmas card/graduation announcement combo deal.

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