Monday, August 2, 2010


No Aaron has not lost his job, thankfully, but alas I am still jobless. People say that being unemployed is a full time job and it is! I send out my resume to at least 3 places a day. Right after graduation I had some very promising interviews but didn’t get either job. That was in May. It’s now August. So I decided to widen my job search area. No longer am I looking solely for a job as a Speech Pathology Assistant now I’m hunting for any job working with special needs children. Preschools, daycares, respite care. Nothing so far. Now that those avenues are also looking bleak I’m searching for anything. Do you know what I do since I have A LOT of free time? I clean our house, I do the laundry and I’ve started decorating our apartment. I’m not the best decorator, in fact I’d go far enough to say that I’m almost a bad decorator but with the help of sisters and sisters in law it’s happening. Nothing is done yet so there are no pictures but when it’s done I’ll post lots. Ok blogging world it’s now up to you to help me find a job. Networking is key so anyone out there that knows of a job in Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert or Phoenix let me know. Thanks everyone!

P.S. I’m scheduled to take the GRE (test to get into grad school) in two weeks and I just realized that blogging is a great way to practice writing. Woohoo!

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