Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Reese's Taste Test

After such high demand to know about the results of our Reese's Taste Test once the pictures were posted to Facebook, I figured we'd get this post up here quickly. Due to the difference in the look of all the different candies, we figured a blind taste test was pretty useless, so we went ahead and did a test as a group, discussing our opinions on the candy. For this taste test we had some guest testers along Tori Tappen and Henry Tappen.

The pictures from the taste test can be found here. So here is a picture of all the entries to the competition. Thirteen different kinds of Reese's entered and only one could come out as the winner. We created a spreadsheet to record our results and determine the winner.

The amount of candy that we consumed for this taste test drove me a bit crazy. I was definitely done eating Reese's by the end, but we had to do it, for Science! So we ended up cutting each piece into about fourths so we could all give it a try.

After the testing the results we came up with put Reese's minis as the #1 product with Reese`s original being a close second. The Reese's minis seem to have a peanut butter filling that is much smoother than that found in any of the other items, and had a chocolate to peanut butter ratio that we all appreciated. There was a consensus among us that some of the competitors, namely Reese's Pieces and NutRageous, were good, but not if you're wanting the chocolatey peanutbuttery goodness of Reeses.

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