Monday, June 13, 2011

Enjoying the Weather

Since we've been up here in Seattle things have been pretty great, especially with the weather! So we've been taking advantage of the mid 60s weather and taking lots of pictures outside. (I think this also helps Lena stay sane since she sits inside reading books all day :D ). So you can see some of the pictures over on my flickr photo stream

Some of my favorites are Lena imitating Ellie
And some pictures I got of the cool sparkling light on the lake

We went to downtown Seattle on our first Saturday here. Apparently it was the first sunny day about 70 in a long time... BAD IDEA! Pike's Place was super busy, and we weren't even hungry :/ So we won't be going back there, until its a cloudy weekday and we are hungry. After bailing on Pike's Place, we went to the Seattle Public Library, which was really cool. The architecture at that place is awesome.

Our first Sunday here, we went to the ward for our temporary housing and discovered that Lena knew someone and found a lot of fun couples. We have now found an apartment ( and its only about .25 mile from Lena's friend... turns out its in a different stake though :( bummer. However, it is also only 1.5 miles from the building I'll be working in, and just across the street from part of the Microsoft campus.

One adventure from the apartment hunt. While we were looking through the listings that the realtor sent to us, we came across one that was awesome. It looked like the best one, was fairly spacious (1000+ sqft) and had hardwood floor, stainless steel appliances and granite countertops. The location was pretty good. It was our first pick that we wanted to go see with our realtor. Turned out there was one problem... it was a 55+ community :( Our combined age isn't even 55+. So alas it was not be.

All in all things are going pretty good for us. We'll be in our temporary housing a bit longer than expected ( the movers aren't available to give us our stuff until the 30th ), but it may turn out for the better as it'll give us some time to work on our apartment.

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bbh said...

Too funny about the 55+ community!! Seattle looks beautiful. Love you :)