Monday, June 20, 2011

The Floss Taste Test

Elena and I have had a habit of doing taste tests to determine which thing in a category we like best. You may remember a while back that we did a peanut butter taste test as well as a pickle (spears) taste test. Both of these were performed as a blind taste test (double blind is too much effort with 2 people). But this post is about some of our more recent tests. Floss and Reese's.

The Floss test was more of an expedition to find the floss we like. We had stumbled upon a type of floss that we really liked, but once it was finished we forgot what kind it was, and thus began our expedition. Unlike our previous tests, with the floss test we were just buying one thing of floss (what are those called? container? box? plastic thingy?) at a time and then we would use it to see how we liked it.

We're now pretty sure that our original floss that we really liked was this.

However, when we went to buy a replacement we ended up with one like this one. It was just plain floss and came in a container the same color as our original. The plain old floss isn't very good. Kind of just plain floss, not good, not terrible. (I started pulling it out in really long strands each night so I could get through it quicker.)

We realized that the plain floss was a lot thinner than the floss we had really liked, so we went ahead and tried out the tape instead of floss, because it's thicker, and we thought that's what we wanted. It looked like this one, but said tape instead of floss. This tape was terrible! It made my gums bleed every time, and was extremely hard to get between our teeth. We used this for about two days and then relinquished it to a strong string... not to be used for flossing.

Finally we went back and found this one. It is thicker and feels good between your teeth, and at the same time slides between the tight teeth with ease. This floss also has a great flavor and leaves your mouth feeling nice and fresh.

In the end the decision is pretty easy as to which floss we like the most, but it was a long sometimes painful and sometimes bloody road to find our favorite floss. Due to the length of this post, we'll have to bring you our Reese's taste test in our next post.

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