Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Arizona Love

Love his accidental smile

I just caught up reading my mom's blog and figured I should catch up writing in mine.

On April 30th I went to AZ to stay with my sister Geneva for a month and help with a her new baby. Sweet baby Miles came on May 2nd. Many of you probably know I've got some health issues that make getting pregnant a challenge. As any one who has struggled with infertility knows it kinda messes with you head. Thoughts like this start to freak you out: "Maybe I can't have a baby because Heavenly Father knows I'll be a terrible mom." or perhaps "I need so much sleep I wouldn't be able to cope with having a kid and that's why I can't get pregnant." You know all of those things that Satan puts into your head when you're unsure about life.

Well thanks to my lovely sister I got to play mommy for a few weeks. And it was AWESOME. I mean I already knew I loved kids but it was so fun. Granted, I didn't have to wake up with baby Miles every hour or two but I got to play with J all day and cuddle a squishy new born. It was fun to play in the sprinklers outside and dance to Aristocats. And a beautiful little two year saying "I love you Eena?" What more do I need in life? An amazing shopping trip with Alicia? Check. Time with Ellie and Benji? Check. I briefly got to see my brothers and their families which was lots of fun. Another high point was being able to get together with my childhood best friends for Vanessa's birthday. It's amazing how easy it is to connect with old friends.

By week two I was starting to miss my husband and he was missing me. If I could have convinced him to come visit I probably would have lasted the whole month but Aaron hates AZ in May so I came back home early.

I Love Baby Miles

And not-so-baby Benji

Jae showing off her presents from Baby Miles
I have more pictures and a few videos I'll post later. It was seriously a blast.


Alicia W said...

It was so great having you visit!

jeanene c said...

Thank you for the photos and updates. The Lord's time is always the best time. Faith is not listening to Satan's poisonous whispers. If he gets too loud, call Donnie. She has been there and through to the other side. Another thought. How many of our sisters in the scriptures suffered with the same problem? Love you!

Katie said...

What a great sister and Aunty! PS. You'll be a wonderful Mom!

Todd said...

***Disclaimer: Please read entire post...writer is not responsible for miscommunications by those who didn't finish the full posting***

I'm afraid that, while I love and respect the opinion of my cousin born 3 days after me, I must disagree. Call it 3 days of extra wisdom. You won't "be a wonderful Mom!"

You already are a great mom.

This last Mother's Day, I had time to ponder about what it is that makes a "mother", and I, personally, have come to the conclusion that it has absolutely nothing to do with pushing out a kid. A lot of terrible people, who have no right to call themselves a parent of any kind, have managed to do that. You have done something more. You are able to nurture. And, to me, that is what it means to be a mother. You have a special talent for caring and nurturing that kicks you up into the upper eschelon of mothers. I know, admittedly, very little of what it feels like to meet Satan's lies in the way he presents them to you. If it is at all comforting, know that he doesn't stop once you've managed to push a little parasite out of your body. He changes the tune to "How will you ever live up to the expectations of what this child deserves?" and any number of other insidious iterations. You're smart, and I know you know they're lies. Doesn't make them hurt less.
That being said, I want to go back to your talents. That nurturing, I really feel, connects each woman back, not just to a loving Heavenly Father, but to a special, loving Heavenly Mother. I know of only 1 place in the standard works where it speaks about her, and it is notably brief. It is in the hymn "O, My Father". You, my beloved sister, are a mother, and have been since I've known you, because of your amazing gifts to be able to connect to that nuturing spirit that I firmly believe connects each righteous mother to Heavenly Mother. That is what I believe with all my heart. And I'll gladly fight anyone who says different. It was great seeing you. You and yours are loved from northern Mexico.