Saturday, April 6, 2013


Remember how I went to Hawaii for my birthday last year and never posted about it? Yeah me too. Maybe someday but probably not. While we were there I asked Aaron what his ideal vacation would be. After some thought he came up with something like this

"It would be all the good stuff of going on vacation but at home. You know like eating out as much as you want but sleeping in your own bed and just doing whatever you want."

Thus the Staycation was born.

Aaron took off Thursday and Friday from work with the plan of staying home all weekend doing whatever he felt like guilt free. Stay up till 2am playing video games? Sure, you on staycation! Only eat take out or delivery? Uh that's mandatory for a good staycation. Watch ridiculous amounts of TV? Again pretty much the whole point. And at the end of each night sleep in your own bed. Perfection!

I wanted to make it more fun than just hang out at home all day, everyday for 4 days so I decided on a surprise. And to make sure I actually did it I told Aaron about weeks in advance (we really like to anticipate events around here). He asked me about it constantly, because as many of you may know, I'm not the best at keeping presents a surprise. I'm proud to say that he had no idea until he opened it.

I rearranged all the furniture in our bedroom, got a new duvet cover and a new shower curtain. I got him a hotel room at home!
There are no before shots but oh well.
And I'm not the best at taking pictures

It was fun and made the staycation more vacation-y.


Katie said...

Way to make his dreams come true!

jeanene c said...

You are so cute!! That sounds like such fun. Your own bed is the best part of coming home from anywhere. Love you both.

Geevz said...

I love the duvet! How fun!