Friday, February 1, 2013

Zombies, Run!

This is a little app that has changed my life.

As so many people in the world do, I don't really enjoy jogging. It's tiring, it doesn't burn very many calories, and to me it's boring. With swimming at least I don't have to pay attention to where I'm going and can just zone out, not really a good idea when running around outside.  I've tried music but it doesn't keep my attention for long enough. I've also read books while walking on a treadmill and that was awesome except for the fact that I can't read and jog at the same time. Audio books would work but I'm not good at motivating myself to go faster than a moderate walk.

That is the beauty of this app. It's essentially a zombie story that you as a runner are a part of. It tells you a story but it's interspread with your music playlist and occasionally zombie hordes chasing you. So I get two different kinds of entertainment and someone telling me to occasionally run faster in a way that is really motivational.

Other cool things about it. You pick up supplies along the way so during one of your songs it will interrupt for a second and say "picked up a pair of trousers." or maybe first aid kits or whatever and at the end of you run you can build up your little town. It's like those silly addicting games on your phone but you only get items during your run.

Did I mention it tracks your run on GPS so you know your speed, how far you ran, and the actual route you took?

Aaron and I both walked/jogged 5km yesterday and I actually had fun. What!?!? I actually had fun jogging? I never thought I'd say it.

So if you want a fun way to get into jogging check out Zombies, Run!


jeanene c said...

Thank you for your Email, I miss you so much. This sounds like a fun app. Not sure it would help me though. Don't forget to watch for the real zombies. Love love love you!!!

Alicia W said...