Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Sad news everyone. I did not get into the graduate program at University of Washington. Everyone has been saying really kind things to me so thank you. I just wanted to share one of God's tender mercies.

I volunteer at the Seattle Temple once a week and so I listen to church music as I drive there. One morning not too long ago I was listening to "I'm trying to be like Jesus." I've heard this song probably hundreds of times but this line sounded really important to me: 'be gentle and loving in deed and in thought.' Gentle in thought? What does that even mean?

I've been pondering that for a few weeks when I got the dreaded rejection email. My first instinct was to be mad and upset. "This is lame!" my spirit wanted to shout, "This is terrible!" But then I remembered what my loving Heavenly Father taught two weeks before. Be gentle in thought. So I thought gentle thoughts and counted my blessings.

My life is completely wonderful. I just got a job a I enjoy. My husband is amazing and my marriage is better than ever. We always have enough food to eat and a warm, comfortable home to live in. Our financial situation rocks. I have two families that love me and are always cheering me on, Castillos and Boushleys you're so great. I have everything I could want.

Who needs to grad school anyways?


Geevz said...

We do love you!

Katie said...

Good for you. I love it when the Lord prepares us for hard times, and love it even better when I realize that's what He'd been doing when the hard times come, like you did. The Quillens (and Eldredges!) love you too, by the way:)

ACW said...

Isn't nice to know that God does know you and answer your prayers. I love you.

hc said...

Just catching up on your blog...did you know I do think you're awesome! I wish we didn't live on different coasts. My honey and I wish we could hang out with your honey and you more often!!!! We think you're cool too! P.S. Thanks for the cookie dough dip...that website's got a ton of great things. Have you tried the Chocolate Chip Cookie Deep Dish Pie yet? Oh, go do it right now!