Monday, July 7, 2014

Walking Downtown

By far my favorite part of living in Downtown Seattle is that I can walk to so many cool things. A few weekends ago Aaron and I decided to just go for a walk. We walked to the cruise terminal (a dangerous thing to realize is within walking distance) and down a little farther to the touristy pier.

There happened to be a marathon that day too so we heard people yelling and cheering but couldn't figure out why until we got home and looked it up online.

I am seriously loving my life. It's pretty incredible.


jeanene c said...

Yea for living down town. The apt we wanted is a no go, so we are back to deciding again. It is between living closer to the sea and having parking and an extra bedroom, versus a nicer apt with internet included, but smaller and we would have to rent parking and drive to get to the sea. I have visions of walking on the beach in the morning when we don't have to get to the office. Both buildings are old but the interior of the smaller one is new and completely redecorated. We will see.
I miss you too. We will just have to 'feel left out' of the 4th festivities together... ;)

Geevz said...

Wait, WALKING distance from a cruise terminal?! I think it's time for an Alaskan cruise.