Thursday, June 19, 2014

EMP fun

We live exactly a 14 minute walk from the Space Needle and surrounding museums so we decided to get a year membership to the Experience Music Project (which also happens to a be a sci-fi museum). We decided to just go one night even though we'd only get an hour of museum time because I want that to be a part of our lives. Just head out and go to a museum/exhibit instead of watching tv each night.

They currently have a Fantasy exhibit there and it's super fun.
Princess Bride original costumes!

This needs no explanation

Geneva, Pinky Pie is considered a "fool" character on fantasy. I had to take a picture for you :)

Me being vaporized by a Darlek

Aaron is about to be eaten by a dinosaur
Never mind he's fighting back!

We were trying to line up the hair, but I don't ever want to see Aaron dressed as David Bowie from Labyrinth.

Oh no I've been turned into a Cyberman!

I'm an evil magician with an invisibility cloak bent on destroying all dinosaur life!


Geevz said...

Oh Pinkie Pie!I couldn't help but notice they endowed the Bowie tight pants. Awkward.

jeanene c said...

We went to that museum. It seemed odd to me, I guess cause the 'antiques' are younger that I am.... Glad you are having fun and enjoying the advantages of city life.

jeanene c said...
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