Sunday, June 24, 2012

Yay Books!

One of my all time favorite authors is one I found relatively recently. Her name is Lindsay Buroker. I've read all of her books, follow her blog and even donated a fair amount to her kickstarter campaign. Seriously guys, I love her books. They are full of adventure, witty banter and just a touch of romance. Add in the fact that they are in her words 'high fantasy novels in the era of steam' and you have a book that seems personalized just for me. Go get the first one right now, it's free for kindle and various other sites

These came in the mail as the 'goodies' for donating to kickstarter. I was so excited I pretty much was jumping up and down.

Yes I'm hugging the books
The author even wrote me a note! I'm so happy :)


Geevz said...

Woohoo! Yay for kickstarter goodies! I keep wanting to donate to one. I'm looking for just the right project to get behind.

jeanene c said...

How fun! It is just cool that a writer you admire knows that you exist. (I mean a writer outside of the family)

Alicia W said...

I hug books sometimes as well. I will download pronto. Besides I need something to get me off my kdrama.