Sunday, December 18, 2011

Flurry of Blog Posts #2 - It's Christmas, It's Christmas!

As kids my oldest brother would come jump on us each Christmas morning yelling "It's Christmas! It's Christmas!" So check out our Christmas decorations.

We always had garland and lights growing up

My mom made these super cute mice for us. I played with similar ones my entire childhood. 

Mama Boushley gave us the Noel decoration when we first got married, it's a tradition in their family for the husband to change it to Leon some times.

No Christmas Tree this year since we're spending two week in AZ. Sigh. Next year.


jeanene c said...

I will share my birthday Christmas tree with you. It smells so good.

Geevz said...

I still haven't put garland up like I planned. Ah well.