Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I like to clean. I savor being in a freshly cleaned apartment. Sometimes I clean because I’m bored, other times because something is actually dirty, and another reason even more important reason. That reason? I am especially maladroit (don’t know what it means? Look it up! or wait till the end of this post). I drop things ALL THE TIME. So in order to salvage whatever I dropped, spilled or slashed I keep the house really clean. It’s really just silly to see an adult, a semi athletic one at that, spill all over the kitchen floor, bathroom floor and pretty much every other surface in my small apartment.

There was the salsa disaster of ’09 when I attempted to shake the costco size bottle of salsa by turning upside down and not holding the lid securely enough. Yes what you are envisioning is exactly correct. I spilled salsa all down my pants and the floor ( thought I had a picture because I remember Aaron laughing really hard and getting the camera but I can’t find it). Or the time when I was cleaning the bathroom floor and dumped all the water all over. Granted this one is not as bad since I was washing the floor already. Or tonight when putting the left over spaghetti sauce in a bowl I slop it all over the counter. And this is not a few speckles of red, it’s an entire serving of sauce. On my counter. Fortunately it didn’t make it to the floor so I could scoop it into the back into bowl. See what I mean? If my counter was dirty I couldn’t do that and there goes my lunch. Who knew that cleaning all the time means I get to eat lunch? says that this is the definition of maladroit: acking in adroitness; unskillful; awkward; bungling

I especially love bungling :D

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